Thursday, May 2, 2024

HBCE Psalms Call for Transcribers

The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition (HBCE) Psalms 1-50 project aims to produce the first born-digital critical edition of the Hebrew text of Psalms 1-50 (including ancient translations), as well as the first eclectic critical edition of these Hebrew poems. The digital edition will also be used to produce the standard printed HBCE volume. The online workflow and output include:
  1. digital images of included manuscripts where permissible; 
  2. full electronic transcriptions of included manuscripts and versions;
  3. semi-automatic collation of manuscripts and versions in multiple languages;
  4. eclectic critical text and extensive textual apparatus.
A preliminary sample of what the edition would like from Psalm 22 can be seen at:

In order to accomplish this milestone in Hebrew Bible textual scholarship, we are calling for volunteer transcribers with an interest in the texts and manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament to help record the data from the most important ancient and medieval witnesses. No previous experience working with manuscripts is required, but some knowledge of one or more of the relevant languages is essential (specifically Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Aramaic, and/or Latin). We will provide volunteers with the necessary introductory training in manuscript studiespaleography, and digital text encoding.

In return, we ask volunteers for a 25-hour commitment spread flexibly over 2 months (an average of 3–4 hours per week) from May through June 2024, including group training sessions. During this time, volunteers will take responsibility for transcribing several Psalms according to an assigned manuscript, which will then be incorporated into the critical edition. Transcribers will gain valuable expertise and experience working with manuscripts and cutting-edge methods of digital editing while contributing meaningfully to a major scholarly enterprise in the field. Transcribers will also be recognized for their contributions by name in the edition.

To sign up, fill out this Google form

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