Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paper Notices from EABS/IOQS Leuven 2016

The program of papers for the EABS/IOQS Leuven 2016 meeting has now been published. Among the many interesting papers, I identified these as directly relevant for OTTC, though there may be more:

Oren Ableman, Digitizing and Cataloging the Dead Sea Scrolls

Anneli Aejmelaeus, What Happened to the Text in Jer 25:1-7?

Loveday Constance Anne Alexander, Orality in a World of Books and Readers

Anna Angelini, Translating Colors in Antiquity: The Semantics of Kokkinos in the Greek Bible

María Jesús Aparicio Gonzalez, Symbolism of the Color and the Light in the Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts.

Peter Joshua Atkins, Developing Theories of Daniel: Reassessing the Place of Papyrus 967

Dan Batovici, Two B Scribes in Codex Sinaiticus?

Jonathan Ben-Dov, Scripta Qumranica Electronica: Dead Sea Scrolls Aggregated Database and Virtual Research Environment

George John Brooke, Writing and Orality in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Guy Darshan, Priestly Concerns in 1 Kings/3 Kingdoms in light of "Rewritten Bible" Compositions from Qumran

Torleif Elgvin, Gleanings from the Caves -- News from the Schøyen Collection

Torleif Elgvin, The Literary Growth of Canticles in the Hasmonean Period

Peter W. Flint, New and Viable Readings in the Great Isaiah Scroll

Pieter B. Hartog, Greek Scriptures Between Egypt and Palestine

Dominika Kurek-Chomycz, "Your Name is Perfume Emptied Out" (LXX Cant 1:4)

Mark Andrew Lester, 4Q365 and 4Q365a: Re-Examining 4QReworked Pentateuch in Light of Its State of Material Preservation and Its Physical Reconstruction

Timothy Lim, Did the Habakkuk Pesherist Know Greek?

Basil Lourié, Rewritten Bible in the "Museum": Slavonic Translation of the Song of Songs

Ville Mäkipelto, Insights into Transposition as an Editorial Technique from Joshua 8:30-35

Ville Mäkipelto, Legal Issues Related to the Proto-MT Rewriting of Joshua's Circumcision

Noam Mizrahi, Text, Language, and Legal Interpretation: The Case of Exod 12:9 according to 4QpaleoGen-Exod-l (4Q11)

James Nati, Does 4QChronicles (4Q118) Contain a Non-Canonical Psalm?

Christophe L. Nihan, Transposition in the Transmission of the Pentateuch: The Case of the Incense Altar

Mika Pajunen, Transposition as an Editorial Technique: What Is It Good For?

María Rodríguez de Velasco, Color Symbolism in the Castilian Atlantic Bibles: Initials and Scenes in Miniatures of the Bible of Avila

Orit Rosengarten, The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Wolfgang Schütte, Does Sentence Delimitation in LXX Manuscripts Challenge Text Criticism?

David Sklare, Early Judeo-Arabic Texts of Biblical Questions and Answers

Timo Tekoniemi, On the Verge of Textual, Literary, and Redaction Criticism: The Case of 2 Kings 17:7

Yosef Yuval Tobi, The Deliberate Literary Character of Sa‘adia’s Biblical Tafsīr

Andreas Vonach, Nabuchodonosor My Servant: Some Remarks on the Abbreviations in Jer 25:1-14 LXX

Molly Zahn, Rethinking the Relationship Between Chronicles and the Temple Scroll

Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016 Helsinki Workshop on Patterns of Change in the Development of Biblical Texts

Miika Tucker just put out an excellent report on a recent workshop on patterns of change in the development of biblical texts we had in Helsinki with a number of CSTT members and Michael Segal. It was quite a beneficial format, and I very much enjoyed getting to work through many significant examples for myself, guided by experts on each book.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Michael Segal on Daniel: "Dreams, Riddles, and Visions"

Michael Segal's new book Dreams, Riddles, and Visions: Textual, Contextual, and Intertextual Approaches to the Book of Daniel has now been published. Based on interactions with Michael on his work on Daniel, I'm sure it will be an important contribution to the study of the text and interpretation of the book. Congratulations, Michael!