Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Editorial Techniques in the Hebrew Bible

Reinhard Müller and Juha Pakkala have published a new book on editorial techniques in the Hebrew Bible, continuing their agenda of refining literary-critical criteria based on documented examples. Go to the link for bibliographic information and front matter.

Abstract from publisher's website:

Editorial Techniques in the Hebrew Bible: Toward a Refined Literary Criticism presents and applies a model for understanding and reconstructing the diachronic development of the Hebrew Bible through historical criticism (or the historical-critical method). Reinhard Müller and Juha Pakkala refine the methodologies of literary and redaction criticism through a systematic investigation of the evidence of additions, omissions, replacements, and transpositions that are documented by divergent ancient textual traditions. At stake is not only historical criticism but also the Hebrew Bible as a historical source, for historical criticism has been and continues to be the only method to unwind those scribal changes that left no traces in textual variants.


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