Tuesday, April 23, 2019

James Diamond on Scribal Practices in Torah Scrolls

Gary Rendsburg announces the following new book:

James S. Diamond
Scribal Secrets: Extraordinary Texts in the Torah and Their Implications
[edited by Robert Goldenberg and Gary A. Rendsburg, with the editorial
assistance of Charles W. Loder (Eugene, Ore.:
Pickwick, 2019).]
ISBN:  9781532647994
Pages:  206
Publication Date:  April 9, 2019
Retail Price:  $25.00

Scribal Secrets focuses on three peculiarities in the writing of Torah
scrolls:  a) the dotted letters; b) the large and small letters; and
c) the inverted nunin in Numbers 10:35-36 – with attention to both the
peshat (plain meaning) and derash (derived meaning) relevant to these

On March 2013, James Diamond was struck in Princeton NJ by a passing
vehicle and died instantaneously. He left behind a book manuscript,
entitled Scribal Secrets. With Judy Diamond's permission, Robert
Goldenberg and Gary A. Rendsburg took it upon themselves to bring the
book to publication.

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