Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Book by Seth Adcock

Peeters is now advertising Seth Adcock's new book "Oh God of Battles! Steal My Soldiers' Hearts!": A Study of the Hebrew and Greek Text Forms of Jeremiah 10:1-18. The book is a revised version of his doctoral dissertation under Kristen De Troyer at St. Andrews. Congratulations, Seth!

This volume represents a comparative analysis of the Greek and Hebrew text forms of Jer 10:1-18. One finds that the Hebrew text's ancient battle hymn has been transformed by the old Greek translator into an apotropaic incantation against evil spirits. Thus, the two text forms of chapter 10 hinge upon the Aramaic of verse 11 and whether one finds exorcistic magic in its obscure words or enigmatic condemnation of idolatry from the prophet Jeremiah. The Masoretic text proves to evidence a more ancient textual tone and structure.

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