Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sibyls, Scriptures, and Scrolls: John Collins at Seventy

A new book has been announced in honor of John Collins that contains a number of articles of text-critical interest.

Sibyls, Scriptures, and Scrolls: John Collins at Seventy
Edited by Joel Baden, Yale University, Hindy Najman,University of Oxford and Eibert Tigchelaar, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.


This volume, a tribute to John J. Collins by his friends, colleagues, and students, includes essays on the wide range of interests that have occupied John Collins’s distinguished career. Topics range from the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Second Temple Judaism and beyond into early Christianity and rabbinic Judaism. The contributions deal with issues of text and interpretation, history and historiography, philology and archaeology, and more. The breadth of the volume is matched only by the breadth of John Collins’s own work.

TC Papers:

The Social Location of the Scribe in the Second Temple Period
Samuel L. Adams

Heraclitus’s Homeric Problems and Midrash Genesis Rabbah: Comparisons and Contrasts
Philip Alexander

Redactor or Rabbenu? Revisiting an Old Question of Identity
Joel S. Baden

The Dream of a Perfect Text: Textual Criticism and Biblical Inerrancy in Early Modern Europe
Ronald Hendel

Scribal Innovation and the Book of Tobit: A Long Overdue Discussion
Naomi S. S. Jacobs

Deity and Divine in the Hebrew Bible and in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Reinhard G. Kratz

The Place of the Early Printed Editions of Josephus’s Antiquities and War (1470–1534) in the Latin Textual Tradition
David B. Levenson and Thomas R. Martin

Perfecting Translation: The Greek Scriptures in Philo of Alexandria
Hindy Najman and Benjamin G. Wright

Textual Criticism of Hebrew Scripture in the 20th Century
Emanuel Tov

The Samaritan and Masoretic Pentateuch: Text and Interpretation(s)
Eugene Ulrich

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