Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Articles in Biblica and JSCS

Innocent Himbaza has a new article out in Biblica.

Innocent Himbaza, «Critique textuelle et critique littéraire en 2 Samuel 6,2: une généalogie des témoins textuels, Biblica 97 (2016) 440-453.

2 Sam 6,2 raises both textual and literary questions. On the textual level, no witness provides the original reading, since all the readings are the result of a literary development. However, the LXX of 2 Sam 6,2 is later than the MT since it depends partially upon it. The reading of 4QSama does not depend upon the MT of 2 Sam 6,2. Instead, it may have originated from the MT of 1 Chr 13,6 with which it shares literary concerns. Moreover, the presence of the name Baal in a verse concerning the ark of God may explain textual changes not only in the MT but also in the LXX.

Also, the new issue of JSCS is out with numerous articles and reviews of relevance.


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Constructions Denoting “To Have” (Predicative Possession) in the Greek Genesis
Theo van der Louw
Quelle est la Septante du Lévitique?
Innocent Himbaza
Antiochian Readings of 1–4 Reigns in Early Church Fathers
Martin Meiser
Θεκεμείνας und תַּחְפְּנֵיס in 1 Könige 11,19 (Wevers Prize Paper 2015)
Christoffer Theis
“Ipsissima verba”: The translator’s “actual words” in Old Greek Job and what they tell us about the translator and the nature of the translation
Claude Cox
Shall I Surely Translate This? The Hebrew Infinitive Absolute in the Greek Twelve Prophets
Joshua L. Harper
Ruins, Zion and the Animal Imagery in the Septuagint of Isaiah 34
Anna Angelini
A Note on Papyrus 967 and Daniel 2:1
Carson Bay

Dissertation Abstracts

The Language and Style of Old Greek Job in Context
Marieke Dhont
Quasi Nahum — Ein Vergleich des masoretischen Texts und der Septuaginta des Nahumbuchs
Nesina Grütter

Book Reviews

Nicholas King, The Bible: A study Bible freshly translated
Harold Scanlin
Natalio Fernández Marcos and M.a Victoria Spottorno Díaz-Caro, La Biblia griega: Septuaginta,
III: Libros poéticos y sapienciales; IV: Libros proféticos
Theo van der Louw
Joseph Bali, Gillian Greenberg, George A. Kiraz, and Donald M. Walter, The Syriac Peshiṭta Bible with English Translation: The Twelve Prophets
Michael Tilly
Alain Le Bouluec et Philippe Le Moigne, Vision que vit Isaïe. Traduction du texte du prophète Isaïe selon la Septante
Arie van der Kooij
James K. Aitken, No Stone Unturned: Greek Inscriptions and Septuagint Vocabulary
Marieke Dhont
Kristin De Troyer, T. Michael Law and Marketta Liljeström, eds., In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes: Studies in the Biblical Text in Honour of Anneli Aejmelaeus
Matthieu Richelle
Barbara Schmitz and Helmut Engel, Judit
Jeremy Corley
Friederike Oertelt, Herrscherideal und Herrschaftskritik bei Philo von Alexandria
Adam Kamesar
Emanuel Tov, The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research
Mark A. Hassler
Pieter W. van der Horst, Saxa judaica loquuntur: Lessons from Early Jewish Inscriptions
Julian Elschenbroich
Wolfgang Kraus, Michaël N. van der Meer, and Martin Meiser (eds.), XV Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Munich 2013
Siegfried Kreuzer
James Aitken (ed.), T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint
Theo van der Louw
Siegfried Kreuzer, Einleitung in die Septuaginta
Johanna Erzberger

IOSCS Matters

I. Minutes, Annual Business Meeting, 2015
II. Treasurer’s Report

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