Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Palaeography in Context - Aramaic scripts from the Ancient Near East

Mladen Popovic informs me of an upcoming conference on Aramaic paleography. If you are in Leiden tomorrow, I highly recommend it. Mladen will be discussing the Groningen digital paleography project, and the other papers sound interesting as well.

Palaeography in Context - Aramaic scripts from the Ancient Near East
Speakers from various disciplinary backgrounds will focus on recently published Aramaic texts and innovative approaches towards Aramaic scripts from the Ancient Near East. They will deal with palaeographic traits of a variety of Aramaic texts from a technical perspective and will bring them into dialogue with their sociohistorical settings.
Leiden University, 13 October 2016

Morning programme (09:00 – 13:00 hrs) in Lipsius Building, room 227   

09:00         Coffee

09:30        G. van der Kooij     - Classifying early NW-Semitic scripts by studying script as artefact.

10:30             M.L. Folmer - Palaeographic aspects of the Aramaic Akhvamazda letters from ancient Bactria  (4th c. BCE)

11:30               Coffee

12:00        R. Sonnevelt – Aramaic epigraphs on clay tablets from the Āl-Yāhūdu archive

12:30          J.K. Zangenberg – Granddaddy in the Synagogue. Reflections on a Recently Found Late Roman / Early Byzantine Mosaic with Inscription from the Galilee   

13:00         Lunch

Afternoon programme (14:00 – 17:00 hrs) in Huizinga Building, room 004   

14:00        M. Popović – Digital Palaeography of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Textual Community and Control-Copy in the Ancient World

15:00         H. Gzella – The Aramaic Scripts of Syria in the Roman Period and their Socio-Cultural Underpinnings

16:00        Coffee

16:20        Concluding remarks and round table discussion (until 17:00)     

18:00        Dinner

Registration: Rieneke Sonnevelt (

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