Thursday, October 27, 2016

Conference on Scribes and Texts in the Persian Period

An upcoming conference has a number of speakers working on scribes and texts in Judah in the Persian period.

From Josette Elayi []

ASPEP Conferences (Association for the research on Syria-Palestine in the Persian Period), November 16, 2016, Institut Protestant de Théologie de Paris.

1. Conference of Jeon Jaeyoung
« Diverse Socio-religious Groups in the Persian Yehud and their Scribal Conflicts in the Pentateuch ».

2. Conference of André Lemaire
« L’enseignement de l’araméen dans l’empire achéménide».

3. Conference of Matthieu Richelle
« Que peut-on dire du paléo-hébreu à l’époque perse ? ».

4. Conference of Marie-Jeanne Roche
« Une inscription funéraire araméenne d’al-‘Ula ».

5. ASPEP General Assembly.

HT Agade

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