Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More on the New Hebrew Paprus from the Judean Desert

More news sources on the new Hebrew papyrus seized by the IAA. Eitan Klein is quoted in Live Science as saying that the papyrus is dated to the 7th century BCE, rather than the 8th. Christopher Rollston suspects it may be a modern forgery on ancient papyrus based on 1) "some palaeographic and orthographic anomalies and inconsistencies in this papyrus inscription"; 2) its "sensational" content (I assume he means the fact that it mentions a woman and/or Jerusalem?); and 3) its lack of a solid provenance (he casts some doubt on the IAA backstory, though I am not sure the accounts are contradictory). Jim Davila is optimistic about the authenticity of the papyrus, though noting Rollston's concerns.

HT Eibert Tichelaar

Update 27 Oct 2016
In the official IAA press release, Klein suggests it is from the second half of the 7th century.

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