Monday, April 29, 2013

Bill Barrick's Hebrew Grammar Lectures Online

Bill Barrick at The Master's Seminary in Southern California has kindly put up his video lectures for beginning and intermediate Hebrew, along with his freely-downloadable grammar and workbook. I had the pleasure of taking a number of classes and seminars with him (including my intro to OTTC!), and he is highly competent in dealing with the Hebrew text. For those who want to brush up on their Hebrew or learn it from scratch, consider checking out his free lectures!

Hebrew Grammar I

Hebrew Grammar II


  1. This is fantastic. I have been praying for resources like this to become available. Those of us with this knowledge ought to be sharing it as freely as possible.

    How can I contact Dr. Barrick? I'd love to share these resources at

  2. Hi Drew, I first discovered Dr Barick on youtube probably 3 years ago now and I still return to these videos. He is a wonderful teacher and his classes really have inspired me. In response to Peter's comment: I wrote to Dr Barick a couple of times and he was very helpful. You can find his email address in the first few videos of semester 1.
    Before taking a two week intensive course in Biblical Hebrew grammar at Oxford University among Oxford D.phil (PhD) and post doc students I had only done a bit of self directed study and watched Bill Barick's instructional videos. I was pleasantly surprised that my level of comprehension was comparable to other class members with years of study. I just returned from another two week intensive in Biblical Hebrew translation at a different university where the teacher was asking for my opinions in class as my knowledge of the grammar was the strongest in the group. I owe it all to Dr Barick,I cannot praise him enough.

  3. I love the teaching of Dr Bill. It motivate me to search in Hebrew the more. Please sir I want to learn Hebrew more for more Biblical understanding