Monday, August 29, 2016

Jobs in Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is calling for applications for doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and university researchers. Having spent the past two years with the Centre of Excellence, "Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions," I can personally vouch that it is a great opportunity, and I highly recommend qualified and interested candidates to apply. For HB/OT textual research, the center has a particularly vibrant community. Juha Pakkala's team focuses on combining literary and textual criticism, and Anneli Aejmelaeus' team focuses on the text of the Bible in the Septuagint, Qumran, and NT citations of the OT. Jutta Jokiranta's team also deals with Qumran, with a particular emphasis on the relevance of sociological theory and ritual studies for the study of the Qumran community. Great people, and a great research environment, so don't hesitate!

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