Saturday, November 21, 2015

SBL 2015 - Part 1

The first SBL session I went to today was a very helpful session on critical editions from the German Bible Society. Richard Weis reviewed in detail the historical development of editorial principles that set the stage for BHQ, which he illustrated from examples in the new Genesis volume by Abraham Tal. Kay Joe Petzold discussed the editorial concepts behind the Masorah in BHS and BHQ, the latter of which is a more strictly diplomatic presentation of the Masorah in the Leningrad Codex, against Gérard Weil's attempts to reconstruct a single Masorah against L in BHS.

On the New Testament side, Holger Strutwolf announced the new NA/UBS editorial committee: Christos Karakolis, David Parker, Stephen Pisano, David Trobisch, and Klaus Wachtel. David Trobisch then gave a preliminary look at key issues discussed by the committee, stressing his desire to rearrange the books of the NT according to the order of ancient manuscripts.

Joseph Sanzo and Ra'anan Boustan stressed the difficulties of identifying Christian or Jewish socio-religious backgrounds to ancient magical texts and artifacts, given shared cultural elements. This, or course, is a complex problem in trying to understand the background of Septuagint manuscripts as well.

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