Friday, August 12, 2011

The Hebrew University Bible Project

The Hebrew University Bible Project got a little sensationalistic attention from an AP reporter recently here. In truth the scholars of the Bible project should be commended for their extraordinary efforts in exhaustively collating the textual evidence, but there is nothing revolutionary about it. Ironically, the policy of the HUBP is not even to give evaluation of variants... :) The end result of the project will be the fullest listing of the evidence to date, but most of the significant problems have already been discovered and discussed. Nevertheless, we can look forward to the completion of the project as a great help for OT textual criticism... hopefully sooner than 2211! For anyone who wants more information on the Hebrew University Bible, fuller explanation can be found on pages 19-20 of my master's thesis here.


  1. Hi, Drew- I'd like to see your thesis but am not sure what I'm being asked to log into when I try to access it with the link you give. Can you enlighten?

  2. It is posted on, which is a helpful scholarly networking site. I was unaware that you could not download it unless you were logged in. Can you even see the paper without an account? You could sign up for an account, or I could send you a copy, if you like.